Who We Are

Niagara Regional Tours is a locally owned company based in Niagara Falls N.Y.


We started this company to give our customers the very best Tour experience. After being in the industry for awhile and watching many Tour Companies NOT always do right by their customers, we wanted to be different and give you the best Tour possible, putting you first. After all this is your Tour, not ours.


How Are We Different?


We will never put the dollar bill before you. We will never cram people on a bus just to get as many bodies on as possible. Our Tours will never have more then 15 people on it, which will give you a better Tour experience and much more personal interaction with our licensed Tour Guide. We will never take away from your tour to just get it finished quickly.


What Can You Expect?


A licensed and knowledgeable tour guide who truly cares about you will make sure you have the best possible time. You will see more with us then any other company for less money. We will pick you up at your hotel and when the tour is done, we will drop you off there. if you will only be here for a day, we will meet you at a designated area and return you to your vehicle – thus you will avoid the traffic, confusion and parking fees at the state parks.


Private Tours are also available. You can book a tour for just your family and have your own private Tour Guide.